The logo design process starts with a 15-question survey. You explain your idea, your business, your likes and dislikes regarding logo colors and images, and other crucial information required for great logo design. Using the survey, the logo drafting process begins. Next, you are presented with several logo concepts and you pick the one you love. Finally, the design is modified so the graphics, the fonts, and the colors meet what you envision.

A logo isn't just a graphic, it's your image. Click below to find out more and/or get started.

The web site design process starts with a 7-page survey. No worries; I'll walk you through it! The completed survey describes your business, your customers, and your exact web site needs. Using the survey, the design process begins. A site layout and graphics concept is presented for your review. Once accepted (or altered to your request), the site is built and sent to the testers for usability testing. Finally, it's given to you for review.

A web site isn't just a billboard, it's your first impression. Click below to find out more and/or get started.