If you are reading this text, you've managed to NOT do something most people do; you have NOT jumped to the pricing section. Every design company has their own pricing structure, a different area of experience, a different amount of experience, and a different amount of service offerings. All that to say, design companies are different and while my pricing structure is similar to others, I deem success not by receiving payment for my work but by receiving your enthusiastic approval of my work.

How Long Does It Take?

Basic logo work has a short turn-around time. Depending on your availability to provide feedback on initial design concepts and later graphics options such as tweaking colors, a logo can be completed in as short as one week. More advanced packages can take two weeks, again depending on your availability for approval at key steps in the design process.

What is this about Availability for Approval?

Imagine telling an architect the type of house you want. Would it be a good idea if he designed it and then built it before reviewing his blueprints with you? The same goes for logo design. The more input gained at key points in the process, the more likely the final product will be EXACTLY what you want.

Pricing and Packages

    Logo Design: $300
  • 4 concepts and 10 revisions
  • Image provided in both color and black/white.
  • Image provided in PNG format.
  • Copyright release

    Business Card Design: $150
  • 2 concepts and 2 revisions
  • 2 sides
  • Images provided in PNG color format.

  • [Starter] Logo + Business Card: $400.00
  • [Full Branding] Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope: $800.00

Get Started Today

Contact me today and I'll email you our logo design survey and/or the business card design survey. Once it's completed, the design process can begin!

Additionally, if you require more than we have listed above, feel free to contact us below with the service type closest to your needs and add your additional needs in the comments. Custom pricing will be determined based on those requirements.